I’m not in the mood for writing. Just playing my Masters of War and brooding. Later on tonight, I’ll tune into Showtime’s great new show Shameless. Any of you been watching it? Our daffodils started blooming this weekend and I noticed our first hostas breaking through the soil this afternoon. Spring is coming. It’s been a long, miserable winter with too much bad news. I went and saw Furthur last night at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby. They were outstanding. They’re named after the Merry Pranksters’ bus. Neal Cassady, Ken Kesey, and all that.

Escapin’ through the lily fields
I came across an empty space
It trembled and exploded
Left a bus stop in its place
The bus came by and I got on
That’s when it all began
There was cowboy Neal
At the wheel
Of a bus to never-ever land

It’s been a long, strange trip since then. It’s been sixteen years since Jerry Garcia died, and twenty-one years since I last saw him play. The crowds are older now. And they weren’t talking about any new war in Africa. They were just there for the music and the friendship.

Because I was at the show, I missed the Philadelphia Union win their first soccer match of the new season. I hope to get down to Chester to see them play in person. I think they have a pretty promising team this year.

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