I know it’s shocking that two black guys were allowed to don Black Panther costumes and stand around in front of a polling station in Philadelphia on election day in 2008, but it didn’t constitute a violation of anybody’s rights, let alone signal a systematic imposition on white people’s inherent right to vote. It was just two neighborhood knuckleheads pretending to belong to the Black Panthers. They didn’t even do anything except stand there looking ridiculous. The video, which went viral on Fox News shows voters, including a defenseless white women and an elderly man, walking right past them into the polling station without even taken any special notice. You know why? Because it’s a big city with a lot of goofy people in it who do goofy things, wear strange outfits, and stand around doing nothing and bothering nobody. When the Department of Justice dismissed the case against these two buffoons, suddenly the right started accusing the negro in charge of the DOJ of not giving a crap about the voting rights of white people. To no one sane’s surprise, the Justice Department’s Office of Personnel Responsibility (OPR) has concluded that it was perfectly reasonable to treat the case with the contempt which it deserved. But who will save the white women?

The OPR’s findings were released in a letter Tuesday to Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) that was signed by department attorney Robin Ashton…

…In a statement, Smith, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee and is expected to hold hearings on whether the department is politicized, said the review — which was limited to the actions of attorneys in the case — “did not address the Civil Rights Division’s misguided policy of using racial considerations when determining whether to enforce voting rights laws. The Division should protect the voting rights of all Americans, regardless of race, gender, religion or political affiliation.”

Let me translate this for you. Someone at the DOJ made the mistake of saying something along the lines of “why are we trying to protect the voting rights of white people? This case is so stupid,” when they should have just said, “This case is so stupid.” What happened is that two knuckleheads played dress-up on election day and the right tried to turn into something on the level of the Germans invading Poland.

Here’s some plain English that maybe even wingnuts can understand.

After reviewing thousands of pages of internal e-mails and notes and conducting 44 interviews with department staff members, the OPR reported that “department attorneys did not commit professional misconduct or exercise poor judgment” and that the voter-intimidation case against the Panthers was dismissed on “a good faith assessment of the law” and “not influenced by the race of the defendant.

I can’t wait for Lamar Smith’s hearings. He should call the two dipshit faux-Panthers to the witness table so they can explain how they happened to wake up that day without anything better to do than pretend to belong to the Black Panther party.

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