The fact that the Republican Party was basically evil dawned on me very slowly. I mean, I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life. Wait. No, that’s not true. The first time I voted, I cast a ballot for a friend of mine’s father who was running for some local office. It was only because I knew his son and his son asked me directly to vote for his father. But that’s the only Republican I have ever voted for. At first, I just preferred the Democrats. I didn’t like Ronald Reagan and I didn’t like George Herbert Walker Bush. When Clinton got elected and the Republicans started talking crazy about Vince Foster, and cocaine trafficking out of the Mena, Arkansas airport, and Paula Jones, and TrooperGate, and Whitewater, and the Travel Office, I basically assumed that there must be something there. And, I guess, there was. Clinton did have an unhealthy taste for the ladies. But the rest of it was garbage, and that only became completely clear when Kenneth Starr delivered his report and it had nothing in it about anything except a couple of blowjobs.

It’s been getting worse ever since then, and I am beginning to wonder how much more brazenly evil this party has to get before people stop considering them a viable alternative to the Democrats. They used to make some small effort to disguise what they are really about, but I don’t see them even making the effort anymore.

It’s good, at least, to see them called on it from time to time. It gives me some small measure of hope.

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