I understand why Egyptians want to put Mubarak on trial for murder, but it’s not helping matters in other Arab countries. Presently, people are trying to get the president of Yemen to leave office voluntarily. The same thing is happening in Libya. Increasingly, the same thing is happening in Syria. But those leaders are looking at Mubarak’s situation and it isn’t providing them with any incentive to step down voluntarily. I know Egyptians care first and foremost about justice in their own country, but a little Arab solidarity might be called for here. Mubarak could have killed hundreds or thousands like Assad is intent on doing now, but he showed restraint and ultimately respected the wishes of the people. Maybe if he was given some mercy in reciprocation, it would help Libya, Syria, and Yemen transition to new governments without a lot of bloodshed. It’s just an idea. Small ‘D’ democrats ought to stick together. Plus, Mubarak’s an old man and in poor health.

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