I went to vote today. At noon, only 172 people had voted at my precinct which is what you would expect in the first half-hour during a presidential election. Part of the problem is that there aren’t any sexy races on the ballot. You can see my sample ballot here (.pdf). You can see that the Democrats don’t even have a full slate of candidates. I was the 24th Democrat to vote from my book. There are three books for both parties, broken down alphabetically. Assuming that the other two Democratic books had a similar number of voters recorded, the party breakdown would have been 100 Republicans and 72 Democrats.

When the lady volunteer handed me my ballot and told me I was voter 24, I gasped. She laughed and told me that the Democrats were not having a good day.

This seems to always be the case with these low profile primary elections. Obama actually won my precinct in 2008. Then, in the 2009 primary elections, GOP voters outnumbered Dems nearly two-to-one. If you want to know why we have wingnuts on all our school boards, this is why. Dems don’t show up to vote.