As I have said, and will continue to say, Michigan should be so grateful to the president for saving the automotive industry that they ought to name all their schools after him, name roads for him, and put statues of him up in all their county courthouses. I’m not kidding. John McCain would have let the whole industry go broke, including all the suppliers. In fact, that’s what all the Republican candidates for president would have done. Mitt Romney made this abundantly clear at the time by penning and editorial entitled “Let Detroit Go Broke” for the New York Times. As Romney travels through Michigan today and tomorrow, former governor Jennifer Granholm is asking potential donors to Let Mitt Romney Go Broke. That seems about right. Yet, the Upper Midwest just went through a political cycle where they chose to elect Republicans for nearly everything. This was probably the dumbest reaction I’ve ever seen, and the regret people are feeling is completely predictable.

In truth, any state that makes Chryslers, Fords, or General Motors cars should never consider voting for a Republican again. We have to convince them of this, however, as the other side continues to make their case based on revisionist history and outright lies.

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