Al Gore did have a bit of a problem with exaggeration, although I think it was blown out of proportion. He really did tend to keep to a tenuous line that separates exaggeration from outright lying. Not so for Michele Bachmann. She tends in the opposite direction. And, worse, Al Gore exaggerated about himself and his accomplishments. Bachmann lies to denigrate her political opponents. Gore wanted people to love him a bit more than he deserved. Bachmann is a demagogue who seeks to actively mislead and arouse outrage in the public.

Yet, I wonder how Bachmann’s penchant for lying will pan out. Is this a case of IOKIYAR (it’s okay if you are a Republican) or is there a gender thing involved? Can a woman get away with lying where a man will be held accountable? I’m not saying that’s the case; I’m just putting the question out there. Cuz, I know Gore was severely damaged by the press’s focus on his Intenet-building, Love Canal discovering, model for Love Story embellishment. I don’t get the sense that either Palin or Bachmann get held to that standard. Of course, Hillary had a bit of embellishment problem, too, and it wasn’t helpful. Of course, by the time that happened her campaign was in denial that she’d already lost, so how much could the Tuzla incident have really mattered?

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