The blogosphere (the left part of it anyway) came into existence in reaction to the lead-up to the war in Iraq because the government was flagrantly lying to us and the media was not only not calling them on it (McClatchy excepted) but was actually helping the government lie to us. The little community of people who make up the elite media that covers the capital actually thought invading Iraq was a good idea, so why not help convince the American people that it was morally defensible and urgently needed?

The beauty of blogging is that makes it impossible to control the message. That’s why the Bush administration freaked out about Juan Cole and sicced the CIA on him.

The more good bloggers we have the better off we’ll be, whether it’s for holding the government accountable for its actions and statements, or whether it’s for fighting back against the mighty right-wing media wurlitzer.

I hope I do my part. But I can only do this with your generous support. It took longer than I expected to get the new server up and running, so I didn’t ask for any contributions last month. The new server went on line this morning and it’s already made me a lot happier. Pages open right up, and I can edit my articles again without having to make an appointment. You made that possible with your generous donations in April and May, and I very much hope you enjoy the site’s improvement. It’s easy to write diaries now, and I hope we see more of them as a result.

The new server does come with a price tag however. It costs $149/month versus the $99 I was paying. My coffers have taking quite a hit lately, so please consider making a contribution to the site this month.

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