Is Brent Budowsky speaking as a typical Texas Democrat, or as a proxy for the intelligence community?

I can think of several nations Rick Perry is fit to lead, but the United States of America is not one of them. With his latest comments, perhaps Rick Perry wants to be the running mate of Vladimir Putin in the coming Russian election.

Perry will self-destruct within 30 days. It has already begun.

Do you think the Bushies like this guy?

“You don’t accuse the chairman of the federal reserve of being a traitor to his country. Of being guilty of treason,” Karl Rove told Fox News Tuesday. “And, suggesting that we treat him pretty ugly in texas. You know, that is not, again a presidential statement.”

Tony Fratto, the former deputy press secretary for Mr. Bush, sent a Twitter message right away that Mr. Perry’s comments were “inappropriate and unpresidential.”

Pete Wehner, a speechwriter and policy aide to Mr. Bush, called Mr. Perry’s remark “the kind of blustering, unthinking comment that Perry’s critics expect of him.”

Perhaps Rove is just protecting his turf. He doesn’t want any of that Texas money going to Perry instead of his American Crossroads project. But he isn’t the only Bush official to publicly cry foul.

There’s a reason no one was really talking up Rick Perry over the last year. I guess the big chiefs think he’s kind of a dick. Now that Perry is in, and in the lead in at least one poll, they’re getting desperate again. I mean, they need to seriously consider the fact that Chris Christie was just admitted to the hospital for lightheadedness (later explained rather weakly as an asthma attack). The man is two hundred pounds overweight and his circulatory system is expressing its displeasure. As for Paul Ryan, he is nothing more than an all-grown-up Eddie Munster. He’s ridiculous on every level. A cartoon of a man, with numbers that don’t add up.

Isn’t there some general they can drag out of retirement? This is getting hard to watch.

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