Well, through my own stupidity and absent-mindedness, I killed my computer. I was doing some patio-blogging and then I went inside and it started to rain. A total downpour actually. By the time I got to my computer it was soaked. That was last night. The thing, somewhat amazingly, still works. But the charger connection is rusted and so there is no way to get it any juice. The Springboard folks say it’ll be a grand to fix, and the Genius Bar people would probably agree with them. So, now I have to buy another computer because a blogger without a computer is pretty useless. I normally only ask for your support at the beginning of each month, but since this is a rather large unexpected expense, I am asking for your help now.

Any little bit will be greatly appreciated. I’m always grateful for and humbled by our readers’ generosity.

Also, I guess I should ask your opinion on what I should get. I can get a refurbished MacBook for $850. I can get an refurbished AirBook for $750. I’ve never watched a DVD on my computer, so is there any difference? I definitely want to stick to Mac. That much I know.

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