It’s hard to believe that the website Dowd Report exists, especially when part of their mission statement is to “[g]et featured in a mainstream media report about obsequious fansites that border on or even cross the line dividing genuine fandom and creepy stalkerhood.” Back in 2008, the site actually dedicated a column to a defense of Maureen Dowd’s role in the Earth Tones Al debacle. It’s hilarious to read, as they miss the entire point of the criticism. The problem with Dowd’s coverage of the 2000 campaign wasn’t that she originated the Naomi Wolf story but that she perpetuated and reinforced it. She acted like it was more important that we know Al Gore was a bad campaigner than it was for us to know why the outcome of the election mattered. Yet, as soon as Dowd was confronted with the actual Bush-Cheney administration she acted liked she was horrified. Maybe she should have been able to predict the coming disaster rather than act like a fashion columnist.

Speaking of which, when will Dowd compare Romney’s robotic nature to Gore’s? Or ask if he’s a humanoid?

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