If Dick Durbin is right and the Senate Democrats don’t have the votes to pass the American Jobs Act, then the Republicans have an incentive to forego their usual filibuster and let the bill fail a simple majority up-or-down vote. However, I get the feeling that the Dems could muster the votes through the amendment process by stripping out things that certain Democrats find objectionable. I think the Dems may be playing opossum.

What’s troubling, even here at this site, is the degree to which the left has tuned the president out and is investing its energies elsewhere. It may be a fool’s errand to hope for solutions from this Congress, but there is still a political battle to be fought over who is to blame. And if we give up that fight we will lose it.

Maybe the single most depressing thing about our political culture is how the left is so willing to act the puppet to the right’s puppeteer. They make it so the government is dysfunctional, so we give up on the government. No. We must engage them in battle and win the argument. Otherwise, we lose.

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