Not really a diary.  A Very Merry Undiary, perhaps?

Today my daughter turns 17.  You might recall, she’s been a “Hell Raiser” since she was 8 and questioned the killing of “Iraqi Kids”.  I’ve forgotten how to do all these cool little diary techniques but there are past diaries and posts and I know that many of you put Danni in your hearts and minds and remember her.  But I still know how to share when I feel I have something to say.

Some people think my daughter does what she does because of me or her Dad.  When in reality it was she who changed our world… simply by being in it.

Today she turns 17.  She’s been marching for Peace for 10 damn years now.    
Here’s my birthday message to her today at a hockey chat… but as Danni and I gear for the Occupy Portland tomorrow, I wanted to share this with you.  You have marched with us many times.  You have witnessed this movement that has taken so long to reach this point and who knows where it will go.

Tonight Danni, sadly, knows to gather bandanas to soak in water and place into baggies in case there’s spraying.  Extra bottles of water to share with the homeless and to use to clean out our eyes or others. She knows not to run if panicked.  She knows how to simply walk off the street into a store.  She knows where to meet me and how to get home alone if we are seperated. She’s got the cameras and peace bag ready.  

I wish she didn’t have to know these things.  


Happy 17th Birthday, Danni!

The Poet, The Peace Marcher, The Procrastinator, The Princess, The Punk, The Powerful and The Pool Pix Pick Champion.  

We scream and fight because we are so much alike you and I.  We scream and fight because we are so very different.  Yet we come together on the important stuff and have each other’s backs.  We don’t question that at all.  If I were to pass away tomorrow, I would know that you would continue to support peace and human rights.  That you would always cherish reading and the arts.  That you would continue to grow and learn.  That you would continue to be curious and always question authority.  That you would become your own person and not be like someone else.  Not even like me.  I know that even now, in just the beginning of your life, you have the tools to move forward and to be a beautiful, loving, compassionate, empowered person.  Today may be your birthday but it is you who are a gift to so many you haven’t even met yet.

Continue to write your own lyrics while you are on this planet.  And as Dylan sang, “know your song well before you start singin’ it”


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