No politician is a savior, and no single politician can fix the gridlock in DC. But you gotta start somewhere, and Elizabeth Warren’s Senate campaign is as good a place as any. Along with Mazie Hirono’s campaign to take Sen. Daniel Akaka’s seat, and the prospect of replacing Joe Lieberman with an actual Democrat, Warren’s push for Teddy Kennedy’s old seat is a real chance to improve the performance of the Upper Chamber. Warren is off to a great start, surprising everyone with her robust fundraising from small donors.

Elizabeth Warren raised more than $3 million in a little more than six weeks to fund her Senate bid in Massachusetts, her campaign announced Monday.

The astounding figure anchors the notion that Warren will be a formidable candidate both in the Democratic primary and — if she wins the primary — against Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.).

I’ll also note that Rep. Tammy Baldwin would be a significant upgrade over Sen. Herb Kohl who is retiring in Wisconsin.

The country is basically ungovernable because of the requirement that the Senate Majority Leader have 60 votes to do almost anything. But the problem is not just that there are too many Republicans in the Senate. There are too many crappy Democrats. When you have a chance to replace a lousy Democrat with a decent one, that’s almost as good as knocking out a Republican. The races in Hawaii, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Massachusetts offer us an opportunity to upgrade in a big way.

I can’t say I am as excited about other races where we’d be either replacing a lousy Dem with another lousy Dem (Virginia) or a lousy Republican with a lousy Dem (Nevada), but those races are important, too.

And someone needs to step up in Arizona. We desperately need that seat. If it ain’t gonna be Richard Carmona then we need to know that.

It’s hard to get excited about electoral politics right now, but there are at least a few races that can get my pulse up. Warren’s race is at the top of the list.

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