Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and other U.S. officials say the alleged plot is more evidence that Iran is the world’s
    leading state sponsor of terrorism, a label Washington has for decades applied to the Iranian government.

None asking the question what the Middle East population thinks of the acts of the United States in the region since World War II? Analysts remark this US propaganda action is to be seen as the United States and Israel are isolated in the world on their position on Palestinian statehood. I believe the Gilad Shalit release and prisoner swap in a deal with Hamas could be a new start in peace talks. It seems a process is underway as Hamas leadership moves from Damascus to Cairo and Biden does his best to explain the release of spy Jonathan Pollard is not part of the deal. It’s nice Clinton and Obama take a tough stance on our common worst enemy the Iranian leadership and not its people.

“Unusual” meeting between US, Iran over plot

“Moscow made clear, since the complaint was filed, that it stands by Iran and will not impose a fifth round of sanctions,” Falk reports. “That leaves the Obama administration without U.N. Security Council support.”

In a standard allusion to military intervention, Obama said that he would remove no option of U.S. response but that the focus was on diplomatic pressure.

"But I will not let myself be reduced to silence."

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