Well, all I wanted for Halloween was some goddamned electricity, and I got my wish. So, thank the hobgoblins, or something. I know I must have missed something more than that Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassment on more than one occasion. I’m still waiting for Rush Limbaugh to come up with a song for Herman Cain that is as catchy as Barack the Magic Negro. I know he can do it.

I also am still curious why Rush Limbaugh returned from the Dominican Republic with twenty-nine 100mg Viagra pills in a mislabeled bottle that had been prescribed to him under a false name. It’s just a little curious. I mean, it was an imprudent thing for him to do considering he was on probation for doctor-shopping. He had been busted for getting false prescriptions for his pain-killer addiction, which had caused him to temporariliy lose his hearing. But I think we all know what he was doing, and it makes a little sexual harassment seem pale in comparison.

What was Rush doing with a Viagra prescription in a country that one Christian aid organization described as having the highest number of people working in the world working in the sex trade, including children? What need did Rush have to get an erection in a country which the U.S. government cites as having rampant prostitution— including child prostitution — and as one of the worst offenders in the trafficking of women and children for forced labor as sex-workers?

I’m only asking questions here. It’s would irresponsible not to ask. I mean, Rush Limbaugh is convinced that Politico is some left-wing organization that is out to smear Herman Cain. If he can make ludicrous assertions, surely I can make reasonable inquiries.

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