One more piece of evidence, in case you needed any, that Newt Gingrich’s campaign was never intended to be serious: he forgot to buy his own domain name.

Go ahead. Click on Do it again. Try it a couple more times. I’ll wait.

That, ladies and gentleman, is not the campaign of your next President of the United States. Or even the next nominee of the lunatic-run asylum that is the Republican Party.

I stand by my prediction almost a month ago that Mitt Romney is your 2012 Republican nominee. Nothing in Herman Cain’s self-kneecapping, Newt’s rise and now slide, or Ron Paul’s current momentum changes the essential equation. Romney and Paul are the only ones with enough money and ground game to make it a race. Perry has money but no support. Newt has support but no money or organization. And Paul faces the militant opposition of both the party’s establishment and the Christianist Tea Party base.

Romney wins by virtue of having the fewest people who despise him (“only” about two-thirds of the party) and by having the party elite and its money firmly in his pocket. There may be a year, very soon, when the party base is strong enough to overthrow the choice of its leadership, but that requires a candidate for it to rally behind. That hasn’t happened so far in this race, and it’s not going to.

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