I’m not sure what the true back-story is about China cutting back on its oil imports from Iran, but it potentially indicates that the Obama administration has succeeded in isolating and strangling the revolutionary government there. As Europe moves to stop oil imports, and Japan and South Korea prepare to follow, Iran is going to go broke very quickly, and their economic elites may quickly conclude that their dalliance with Khomeinism must come to an end. I can’t see how any serious Iranian businessmen would prefer a hopeless military confrontation with the U.S. Navy to a change in regime at home. The Islamic Revolution ought to come to end. It has been surpassed by the Arab Spring and it has turned as inwardly repressive as the Shah’s regime. The people tried and failed to bring the necessary changes two years ago. The missing ingredient was a revolt of the economic elites. Clerics belong in seminaries or mosques, not in power. I hope the Iranian people, including those who have real economic power, will see the light and choose civil government and peace over clericalism and war. My hope is that the world unites and squeezes the balloon until it pops from internal pressure.

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