Go to this University of Chicago website and you can take Professor David Archer’s Climate Science 101 class for free. Simply click on the Open climate 101 icon and at the next page login as a guest. You will be taken to a page which provides you access to Dr. Archer’s lectures on You Tube.

David Archer is a professor in the Department of Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago and has been offering this extremely popular class since 1995. He is also the author of Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast (which would make a good birthday present to any skeptical person you know).

Now you can get educated on the science of climate and learn what Exxon and the Koch Brothers do not want you to know: the scientific basis for man’s impact on the earth’s climate. Dr. Archer CV can be viewed at this webpage. His published research papers has focused on the global carbon cycle and its relation to ocean sedimentary processes such as CaCO3 dissolution and methane hydrate formation, and their impact on the evolution of atmospheric CO2.

Sound a little to hard to you? Trust me, unless you are George Bush, it’s not. The class is designed for non-science majors, so you don;t need to be a chemist of physicist or meteorologist to understand his lectures. Here is the video of the Introductory lecture:

Dive right in, especially if you are skeptical of climate science. What have you got to lose but your ignorance?

More about how you can access this information can be found here at Real Climate.

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