I hope they’re proud of themselves:

Russia and China on Saturday vetoed a Western and Arab-sponsored U.N. resolution condemning Syria’s violent repression of anti-government demonstrators, throwing their prestige and power behind President Bashar al-Assad as he intensifies a military operation aimed at crushing the 10-month-old uprising.

The Russian and Chinese stance came as a blow to U.S. and European efforts to rally behind an Arab League plan that would require Assad to step down, making way for a democratically elected unity government with a leader commading support from both the government and the opposition.

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice tweeted her disgust and said on the Council floor: “This intransigence is even more shameful when you consider that at least one of these members” — Russia — “is still delivering weapons to Syria.”

It’s like old times. Russia and China didn’t like how Libya turned out so we get this ridiculous behavior where they can’t even condemn the brutal slaughter of the civilian population by the Assad regime.

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