Welcome to Friday Foto Flogging, a place to share your photos and photography news. We were inspired by the folks at European Tribune who post a regular Friday Photoblog series to try the same on this side of the virtual Atlantic. We also thought foto folks would enjoy seeing some other websites so each week we’ll introduce a different photo website.

This Month’s Theme: What is it? This is a game invented by NorthDakotaDem. All you do is post a picture and have people guess what it is. It can be a close-up of something that makes it tricky to recognize or something unusual that people might not recognize or a different view of a known scene or place or anything else you can dream up that you think will be fun to guess.

See comments section below for Andi’s and olivia’s What is it?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Foto Flog will be posted once a month. The next diary will be posted Friday March 9, 2012.

Link of the Month: Photography in the Style of Traditional Chinese Painting by Don Hong-Oai.

Next Theme (Friday March 9, 2012): Brought to you by the letter “M”

Info on Posting Photos

When you post your photos, please keep the width at 500 or less for the sake of our Bootribers who are on dial-up. If you want to post clickable thumbnails but aren’t sure how, check out this diary:
Clickable Thumbnails
. If you haven’t yet joined a photo-hosting site, here are some to consider: Photobucket, Flickr, ImageShack, and Picasa.

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