“There is a culture of death associated with the Democrat party” because they support contraception. That’s what the “Republican Pope,” (well doesn’t every Republican end up kissing Rush’s ring at some point or other?) Rush Limbaugh, said yesterday on his radio program, February 14th, or as some of us know it, Valentines day. What a joke, eh? I mean the man is a master of irony:

When I hear crap from Rush Limbaugh, that Democrats are associated with a “culture of death” because they support contraception, I have to ask myself, how many kids does Limbaugh have? We know he’s had four wives. Odd that none of them ever got pregnant, isn’t it, considering his “family values” and recent denunciation of contraception? We know he was caught by customs returning from a vacation in the Dominican Republic with an illegal prescription bottle of Viagra in his possession, so he clearly doesn’t avoid the opportunity to engage in reproductive conduct.

We also know he supports the death penalty. We know he supported the illegal Iraq war (where hundreds of thousands, perhaps over a million people died) and that he supports more wars, such as one against Iran. We know that he blamed the victims of hurricane Katrina for what happened to them, rather than the fact that they were poor, had no help evacuating the city, lived in areas that were most likely to be flooded near the levees that broke, etc.

We know he called for the elimination of health care for children under the SCHIP program. We know he told hungry kids they should go “dumpster diving” if they want to eat, and has called for the elimination of the school lunch program that provides meals to poor kids, perhaps the only decent meal they receive all day, while demeaning them by saying they are “wanton little serfs.”

He’s also opposed to Medicaid, unemployment insurance and social security claiming that people on them are “lazy sloths.” He’s not fond of food stamps either. Oh and he said “compassion” is the most disastrous word in our society.

Yet Democrats support a culture of death. Yeah, tell me another joke, fat man.

P.S. He also called women “dumb asses” before “correcting himself and calling them “dumb masses” instead. Gosh, what a funny, funny man (and by that I do not mean humorous).

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