I’m guessing that it’s pointless to try to convince any Afghans that we’re there to help while we’re burning Korans. That’s why stuff like this happens:

As deadly violence spilled into a fifth day in Afghanistan on Saturday, two American service members were shot dead inside the Afghan Interior Ministry building, a senior Afghan official said.

NATO and the Interior Ministry confirmed the shooting deaths, but gave no details about the nationalities of the victims or the circumstances of the attack. But a senior Afghan official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the continuing investigation, said the two were Americans. Some American personnel work within Afghan ministries as mentors and advisors, particularly on military operations.

The president issued a public apology on Thursday, and his Republican opponents attacked him for showing weakness. They ought to consider that the president was trying to save American lives. They also should consider a different line of criticism. Like, why is our secret Muslim president commanding an army that is burning Korans?

Can we leave yet?

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