Obama’s stance throughout the Jeffrey Goldberg interview in The Atlantic: “Re-elect me, I can be as tough on Iran as our mutual friend Israel. No need to think of electing an Neocon Republican. Look at me!”

Of course Netanyahu called Obama’s bluff in 2010 on the Palestinian issue and Obama folded. On the strategic Middle-East policy and US security interest in the region (=read OIL), Obama and Clinton have not faltered from continuing past US administration policy. One single best decision was to get rid of Dennis Ross in US policy making.

The nuclear arms triangle China-India and Pakistan is very troublesome. None of these countries have signed the NPT. Yet, the Bush and Obama administration have bowed to India and signed a deal on nuclear trade. The past US administrations allowed Pakistan develop the nuclear bomb. No guarantee to prevent a terrorist group to gain access to Pakistan’s bomb or facilities. India shows its appreciation to Obama by undermining the US sanctions on Iran because of … self-interest. Obama’s hypocrisy in the civil nuclear deal between China and Pakistan.

A major miscalculation of the Obama administration has been to stay abreast of the so-called Arab uprising. Shia uprising in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain is evil, Sunni uprising in Syria is good. Most likely the Syria uprising will be put down by military force, similar to and by example of France during its mandate. I didn’t read Jeff Goldberg pose any tough questions to Obama, how about our ally PM Maliki and his support for the Assad regime and of course natural ally Iran. I don’t believe Iraq and Saudi Arabia will become great friends in the foreseeable future. The position of the UAE will always be ambiguous as they thrive on commerce and tend to please everyone.

Documentary Al-Jazeera – The Bahraini Revolution: Shouting in the Dark

"But I will not let myself be reduced to silence."

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