These days, you can find the Camo Netting used in many fields. Of course the most obvious use for it is hunting. Depending on your needs, you can choose the available camouflage net among several camo net in the market.

The available custom camo netting, it should first of all be big enough to conceal whatever you are trying to hide. And then, the colors and texture of the custom camouflage net will need to be similar with the background. You should also look for protective features such as water proofing, mold resistance.


Look for netting that has reversible colors so that you will be able to use this camouflage for different terrains and not just one. The 3D Digital Camo Netting is achieved with foliage textures and play of colors that make it look like leaves or a background of trees.

Special features

Look for camouflage netting that is rustle free. The netting will most probably move in the wind or breeze and the concealment will be given away if the net makes a lot of noise as it rustles around in the wind. If are going to leave your camouflage protection exposed in the sun for a long time, it can fade over time and the camouflage effect will be lost. In the wild, a highly reflective surface can easily be spotted if the surroundings are not as reflective as the net.  


You will ideally want to buy camo net that is waterproof if you are covering up items of some value, like a car for example.

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