A new ABC News/Washington Post Poll finds that 69% of Americans disapprove of Super PACs. Even a majority of Republicans oppose them. This means that roughly seven in ten people don’t agree with Mitt Romney that corporations are people whose speech is protected by the First Amendment. It’s also a number that, at greater than two-thirds, should be sufficient to amend the Constitution. Unfortunately, it is the Super PAC money that distorts Congress and makes it unreflective of the will of the people.

That’s why I think we have to do two things. First, we have to work on improving on the 69% number and get it up close to 80% of the population. Second, we have to ask our state legislatures to lobby Congress to amend the Constitution on our behalf. A supermajority of the people want Super PACs to go away. But that doesn’t Congress will listen to us. Maybe they will listen if a supermajority of the states petition them directly.

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