It’s bad enough that Republican governments now believe you shouldn’t have access to contraceptives and other reproductive health care benefits (see, e.g., Virginia, Arizona and Georgia to name but a few). However, I must warn you, if you fail to come to a complete stop at a stop sign while “driving as a woman” something like getting the crap beat out of you by your friendly neighborhood police officer may occur.

CINCINNATI – Video of an arrest made during a traffic stop in Addyston has been called into question on whether the force used to make the arrest was necessary.

The video from an Addyston police cruiser shows Addyston Police Officer Jeremie Keene pulling Tiffany Becker from her vehicle, taking her to the ground and cuffing her.

If course the official police report says she cursed the officer and spit at him, and pushed him when he tried to remove her forcibly form her van, thus she was resiting arrest and had to be taken to the ground and hand=cuffed in the presence of her screaming daughter.

But the video of the arrest obtained by 9 News appears to conflict with parts of the report.

The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office asked that the charges against Becker, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, be dropped, which they were on Friday, March 8.

All charges against Ms. Becker for this incident have now been dropped. Nonetheless, I bet next time she’ll be just a little bit more cautious about obeying the traffic laws while driving, even at slow speeds, and isn’t that special? Because we all know what they (i.e., mostly men) say about the dangers posed by women drivers to our safety. So here’s to you officer Jeremie Keene. You sure taught that mouthy b**ch a lesson. God knows what she might have done if you hadn’t been on the scene to take her down.

Pssst. Hey officer, know where I can score some performance enhancing drugs (if you get my drift). I too want to be strong enough to deal with all the dangerous women that might cross my path.

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