While Kofi Annan barely escaped the rotten eggs, McCain and Lieberman were hailed as heroes in the Syrian Free Army camp on the Turkey-Syria border.  The UN-Arab league representative was on a mission of peace, well at least a temporary ceasefire to stop the blood letting in the Syrian towns where there has been an uprising against the Assad regime during the last 13 months. Yayladagi refugee camp in Turkey and the Free Syrian Army fighters sneaking back into Syria..

So why were our guys heroes? Just like the senseless Susan Rice and Obama FP gang, they were as representatives of the US people telling the Syrian Free Army rebels they will funnel heavy arms, munition and funding to the insurgents with goal the overthrow of the Assad regime. This move is called western democratisering, 21st century style.

Undoubtedly, McCain and Lieberman would also receive a hero’s welcome in the Arab states of Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Bahrein and Saudi Arabia. While on a visit to the monarchs of these ancient Sunni regimes, the US pair would be hugged in the Bush style. Plenty of our oil dollars will be made available to counter the heretics of Syria. The Salafists are doing extremely well on the African continent in the territorial conquests in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Mali, Ethiopa, Somalia and Nigeria of late.

The Obama FP gang continu to express their anger at Russia and China for not following suit in the military overthrow of the Syrian Assad regime as the Western powers and Gulf states wish to see. Unfortunately, Lebanon and Iraq stand to lose much, so these regimes refuse to back the West’s quest for Assad’s head. 42 Reasons to dismiss Susan Rice’s rage.

For the sport fans, all is quiet on the Bahrain frontier for the Formula 1 GP race to proceed within a fortnight. The Shia rebels have been suppressed in their strive for majority rule. The US and Saudi Arabia joined assets to throw the bums of the uprising in jail.

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John McCain, Joe Lieberman Travel to Syrian Free Army Refugee Camp

John McCain, Joe Lieberman Travel to Syrian Refugee Camp

(SC Monitor) – John McCain and Joseph Lieberman have already called for arming Syria’s rebels, in statements last month from the US Senate where they serve. But they repeated their demand in more dramatic fashion Tuesday – from a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey and with violence unabated, as the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad disregarded the UN plan that was to have silenced the Syrian Army’s guns.

The two senators joined a growing international chorus of voices finding that the unimplemented plan, brokered by former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, is simply allowing the Assad regime to continue its oppression.

Saying there is “no end in sight” to the mayhem that Mr. Assad is raining down on his people, Senators McCain and Lieberman said it is time for the international community to help the Syrian opposition fighters “change the balance of power on the ground” by arming them and helping them establish havens where they can “organize themselves.”

Speaking from Hatay Province in Turkey, near the Turkish-Syrian border, the two said their visit had reinforced their conviction that Syria is already in an uneven war – one pitting the Assad regime and its “foreign backers” against the “Syrian people” who are in a fight for “liberation.”

Will McCain, Lieberman support Sunni insurgents and/or Al-Qaeda to topple Syrian government?

Cease fire agreement brokered by UN envoy Kofi Annan is holding, for how long?

BEIRUT, Lebanon (Daily Star) – The international community is sticking with the plan of Kofi Annan, the United Nations-Arab League envoy. There is much hypocrisy in that acceptance, too. Annan has just visited Iran, after Russia and China, because he feels that Assad’s benefactors might persuade him to discontinue massacring his population. They might, once they are assured that the Syrian regime has regained the upper hand and can manipulate Annan’s scheme to break the opposition’s back.

The Annan plan is a mishmash of incompatible ideas, which all sides have interpreted as they wish. Russia, Iran and China view it as an instrument to neutralize the armed struggle and consolidate Assad rule. The Syrian National Council doesn’t care for the plan and expects it to collapse, but has embraced it to avert diplomatic isolation. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been equally mistrustful, and are preparing to increase their assistance to the opposition once the plan fails. Turkey has a more urgent concern, namely managing the rising number of Syrian refugees entering the country. That’s why Ankara would welcome an international green light, and the legitimacy that would accompany this, to carve out a buffer zone inside Syria. And the United States, while it has endorsed Annan’s mission, has also approved non-lethal aid to the opposition, betraying its doubts as to the mission’s success.

Geographically, the Turkish border with Syria is far more difficult to cut off. Quite foolishly, the Syrian regime has recently granted wide latitude to the Kurdish Workers Party, or PKK, to operate in northern districts against Turkey. This Ankara cannot long tolerate, and Assad’s short-term gain may bring him a lasting headache if the Turks decide to move their army into Syrian territory. Until now they have not done so to avoid a confrontation with the Kurds and Iran. However, by playing the Kurdish card, Assad is hitting against a vital national interest of his northern neighbor.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Meeting of the Friends of the Syrian People (Feb. 24, 2012)  

"But I will not let myself be reduced to silence."

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