I just picked a random box score from last season’s Ohio State basketball season. Well, it wasn’t that random. I chose the Michigan game because I figured that was definitely sold-out. Apparently, 18,451 people can watch a basketball game at Ohio State’s Schottenstein Center. But, the thing about basketball games is that there is a court in the middle of the stadium with baskets and benches and a table for scorekeepers and there are cheerleaders. Those people aren’t counted in the official attendance and there’s only ten players and a couple of refs on the court instead of a thousand people or more crammed into folding chairs. That’s why there were several thousand empty seats in the upper decks for Obama’s rally today. Where would you rather sit? On the floor, or behind the stage in the nosebleeds? I swear they are so desperate to try to diminish Obama’s advantage in charisma that they’ll grasp at any straw.

As for the Richmond appearance, the Washington Post reports that 8,000 people showed up. When Old Dominion played at Virginia Commonwealth University this past season, 7,617 fans attended. Maybe the jackasses at Gateway Pundit will call me when Mitt Romney can outdraw a college basketball game.

Here’s a Mitt Romney “rally” from last week: (below the fold, because it starts on its own):

See the difference?

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