I’m not much of a gamer. I play a little video soccer. I own Madden football but I don’t play it. I basically think video games are a gargantuan time-sink that are ruining the health of a whole generation of teenagers who should be riding bikes and playing basketball. Perhaps for just that reason, a gaming analogy is the best way to explain to straight white men that they’re playing the game of life on the lowest difficulty setting there is. That’s what John Scalzi did, and the reaction was hilarious.

The thing is, I don’t really care. According to a 2005 study, MIT rejected 50% of applicants in the top percentile for SAT scores. Yale and Princeton rejected 60%, and Harvard rejected 80% of students with top percentile SAT scores. If you failed to get into those schools despite being worthy, you’re not alone, and it’s probably not because you’re white, you’re a man, or because you like to date women. If you got rejected by a lesser school, pick another one. There are a thousand to pick from that will give you a similar bang for the buck. The same is true with jobs. The highest paying ones are very competitive, and you shouldn’t expect anyone to hand you one of those. The rest? If you’re worthy, you’ll eventually find one. It might take a long time in this down economy. But everyone’s in the same boat in that regard.

I don’t want to hear straight white guys complain about how the cards are stacked against them. People who make that argument are stupid, and that’s why they find life is hard for them.

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