Look, I know only a small percentage of my readers live in Wisconsin. That’s why I have only sporadically touched on the backlash against Governor Scott Walker and the efforts to recall him from office. But it’s actually pretty important that those efforts don’t fail. It’s important for the people of Wisconsin, but it’s important for the whole country, too. There has to be some kind of meaningful pushback on the radical path these new Republican governors have embarked upon or they’re going to screw this country up irreparably.

A poll out to today has Governor Walker up 50%-47% over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. With a margin of error of 4.5%, that shows we’re in toss-up territory. Barrett is actually leading with independents, so the whole thing is going to come down to turnout. And that’s where you come in. You can help turn out Democratic votes. We have a tool to help you do this. Go to this site and pick a day and time. Right now, you can pick between Saturday May 26th 2:30-5pm ET, Tuesday May 29th 5:30-8pm ET, and Thursday May 31st 5:30-8pm ET. When you sign up, you’ll get some free training on how to be effective on the phone.

We really need folks to step and do this because thanks to people like the Koch Brothers, the governor has about a 20-1 financial advantage. The only way to overcome bombardment on the air is to have a strong ground game. And the election really is too close to call right now. Maybe you can’t travel to Wisconsin to knock doors, but you can do this.

[I am a consultant for Democracy for America].

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