So many similarities, who was responsible for the deadly attack on civilians in Houla, Syria yesterday? A bit of recent history …

Shocking footage

(BBC News) Feb. 5, 1994 – Indeed foreign broadcasters at the time, including at the BBC in London, were surprised at the speed and shocking detail with which they received the raw television pictures from Sarajevo.

General Michael Rose, the British head of the Sarajevo-based United Nations Protection Force (Unprofor), said at the time that he could not be sure who was responsible.

But in his memoir, Fighting for Peace, General Rose relates how three days after the atrocity he told the Deputy Commander of the Bosnian government forces, General Divjak, that the mortar shell had indeed been fired from their own side, according to UN experts.

Shelling of Sarajevo Market Kills 66; More Than 200 Wounded  

Obama: Using Yemen Model for Assad Removal … below the fold

U.S. Hopes Assad Can Be Eased Out With Russia’s Aid

WASHINGTON (NY Times) — In a new effort to halt more than a year of bloodshed in Syria, President Obama will push for the departure of President Bashar al-Assad under a proposal modeled on the transition in another strife-torn Arab country, Yemen.

The plan calls for a negotiated political settlement that would satisfy Syrian opposition groups but that could leave remnants of Mr. Assad’s government in place. Its goal is the kind of transition under way in Yemen, where after months of violent unrest, President Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed to step down and hand control to his vice president, Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi, in a deal arranged by Yemen’s Arab neighbors (read: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia]. Mr. Hadi, though later elected in an uncontested vote, is viewed as a transitional leader.

Great model Hillary and Obama …

Yemen blast kills 100 soldiers, blamed on AQAP affiliate; U.S. offers condolences, support

SANAA, Yemen (GSN) – As the government of Yemen blamed an affiliate of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) for the May 21 suicide bomb attack at a military ceremony that killed more than 100 soldiers, White House counterterrorism officials condemned the violence and vowed to stand by the country’s government.

The blast on May 21, that also injured as many as 200, happened at preparations for a parade to be held during National Day of Unification ceremonies in Sana’a on May 22. The holiday celebrates the 1990 unification of the formerly separate countries of north and south Yemen into the singular country of Yemen. The attack has been called the deadliest ever on Yemeni troops.

Bombing targeted senior military leaders cooperating with the Americans and Saudis

"But I will not let myself be reduced to silence."

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