I’m not surprised that the Washington Post editorial board doesn’t want to see John Edwards retried after he succeeded in getting a hung jury in his campaign finance trial. The Post and its columnists have never met a politician they wanted to see imprisoned. Scooter Libby is a hero to these people. Torture was just an oopsy. I get that.

And I don’t really know if the government proved their case or not. The jury was divided on that subject. But, as a Democrat, I’d like to see John Edwards punished for making a serious run at the 2008 nomination, which he could well have won, while he and his wife both knew full well that he was carrying out an affair. They both should have known that he was too vulnerable to be the nominee. And they were so selfish and egotistical that they went ahead with the campaign anyway.

Elizabeth was nice woman with a lot of charm, and it’s terrible how she was treated by John. But her judgment was just as bad as his. The staggering irresponsibility of it is not something I will ever forgive. If there were a statute against assholery, John Edwards would never see the light of day again.