Arizona Governor Jan Brewer responding to the US Supreme Court’s ruling today on SB 1070, Arizona’s controversial anti-immigrant law:  “…(w)e are grateful for this legal victory….”.

According to SCOTUSblog contributor Kevin Russell, “The Court reviewed four provisions of the statute, holding that three are preempted by federal law.  Section 2(B) – which requires the police to check the immigration status of detained individuals before releasing them – is the only provision that potentially survived.”

In its ruling the Court emphasized that police stops must comply with federal immigration and civil rights laws, and left open the possibility of overturning Section 2(B) after it goes into effect.

In other words, the state of Arizona lost on 3 parts of the case, and might well lose the 4th.

Gov. Brewer, I do not think that word* means what you think it means.


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