Chief Justice John Roberts is 62 57 years-old. If he serves as long as his former colleague John Paul Stevens, he will retire in 2043 2048. I don’t expect Roberts to become a reliable vote for the liberal point of view on the Court, but anything that pushes him in that direction has to be considered a good thing. It doesn’t seem like he is currently welcome in the conservatives’ camp. I hope that continues. I’m sure the liberals will be happy to lunch with him today, tomorrow, and for the next few decades. Chief Justice Roberts is a human being, and he will seek positive rewards where he can find them. He may try to repair his damaged reputation with conservatives by overcompensating in future cases. Or, he may feel badly alienated and mistreated, and decide that his positive reinforcement comes from some other source. In either case, I encourage all Republicans to pile on Roberts with all the vituperative hatred and disrespect they can muster. Make life miserable for this man, please.

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