It’s kind of stunning how much effort the Republicans are putting into making arguments in favor of repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Even the Heritage Foundation, which practically designed the health care reforms back in the early 1990’s, is getting into the act. This is such a political loser that I am ecstatic about the misallocation of time and effort. As Rick Santorum frequently pointed out, Mitt Romney is probably the worst person in the entire country to pitch the repeal of ObamaCare. Plus, this hostility to the Act is going to help drive the gender gap because women love having their kids on their health insurance until they are twenty-six and they love having all their contraceptive needs treated as preventative care that has no co-pays. Women love that they won’t be charged more for insurance just because they reproduce. And women love that they will no longer be treated as having a pre-existing condition because they’ve had a caesarian section or been the victim of domestic abuse.

So, the Republicans can stuff it. We’re going to win this election and there is no going back.

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