Just to let you know, I didn’t miss BoBo’s offering today. I just didn’t feel like writing about it. There is actually one small part of it with which I agree. He’s concerned that our elites consider themselves anti-Establishment. I don’t really care too much that some Cornell undergraduate thinks he’s oppressed but, as I’ve mentioned several times, I don’t like that the progressive left is stuck in an anti-Establishment hangover from the 1960’s. Our goal should be to become the Establishment, but that will never happen until we stop defining ourselves as the permanent outsiders. It may not feel like we’re winning sometimes, but our values are growing more normalized and mainstream all the time. We ought to be acting like we are the natural leaders (the elite, in David Brooks terminology) of this country. But, we don’t. We act like we’re too pure to be defiled by anything as dirty as raw power.

As for the rest of Brooks’ column, talk like that will get you punched in the face in about 99% of the bars in this country.

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