‘NYT’: Adelson funds campaign to turn Jews to GOP

(JPost) – Adelson has vowed to invest as much as $100 million to help Romney win the election. In the near future, the Republican Jewish Coalition plans to begin a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign dubbed “My Buyer’s Remorse,” which will focus on voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, aides told the Times.

According to the report, the campaign will use testimonials from voters who supported Obama in his first election, but now say they regret having supported him because of his economic policies and what they characterize as his hostility toward Israel.

Adelson’s effort parallel a recent visit by Republican Jewish Coalition executive director Matt Brooks and GOP strategist Ari Fleischer to Israel to support the IVoteIsrael campaign, which aims to register as many as possible of the 150,000 American citizens in Israel who are eligible to vote in the November 6 election.  

    “iVoteIsrael is a diverse group of Americans who currently reside in Israel. We come from all over Israel, and all over the US. We are deeply concerned about the safety, security and future of Israel. Most importantly, we want to see a President in the White House who will support and stand by Israel in absolute commitment to its safety, security and right to defend itself.”

    “Americans for Jerusalem” is a registered 501(c)4 and will run the iVoteIsrael Campaign – with the “desire to see a Congress and Administration who will support and stand by Israel in absolute commitment to its safety, security and right to self-defense.”Article in Salem News – The United States of Israel and the 2012 Election

[I must question the neutrality and tax provision when I see this video calling for a particular vote, not an impartial GOTV. – Oui]

How nonpartisan is the campaign to encourage Israeli-Americans to vote in November?

Each week, we’re bringing hundreds if not thousands [of voter registration forms] over to the American Embassy,” according to Pieprz. Currently, the organization running the campaign — a nonprofit called “Americans for Jerusalem,” which was incorporated in Delaware in August of 2000 — employs eight paid full-time staffers and at least one paid political strategist.

In addition to hosting the website, which features professionally produced YouTube clips, the organization also pays for office space in central Jerusalem, advertising, events, printing, travel, communication and other day-to-day expenses.

However, the group is determinedly mum on the subject of who specifically stands behind I Vote Israel and where the money for its activities comes from. Key staffers refused to reveal any names even when it was suggested that a lack of transparency might raise questions as to the campaign’s stated nonpartisan nature.

By US law, I Vote Israel does not have to divulge donor rolls because of the tax bracket it is registered under.

“We’re fundraising in Jewish communities and pro-Israel groups across the US,”
 said Aron Shaviv, I Vote Israel’s campaign strategist. “There are literally hundreds of donors, perhaps even more. They are quite diverse. They are giving in small increments. There is no one who stands out.”

Mondoweiss: Lobby group urges Americans living in Israel to vote here lest `domestic concerns’ drive US choice

Jewish vote trends to favor Democrats on social issues

Sheldon Schorer, spokesman for Democrats Abroad-Israel, said the polls described don’t provide an accurate picture of Jewish voting patterns since the poll “apparently questioned mostly Republican voters, and does not accurately describe true voting preferences. In 2008, the voters polled [now] said that they voted for McCain 2 to 1 over Obama, although the actual vote was 78%-21% in favor of President Obama.”

Schorer added that, “I believe that the upcoming election will show a similar strong showing for the president. Only those people who are irrevocably prejudiced against him will fail to recognize that President Obama has proven himself to be a strong friend of Israel and that Israel would benefit from his reelection.”

"But I will not let myself be reduced to silence."

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