Referring to the currently ongoing presnidential campaign farce, Booman posted a comment in his piece Of Course Romney is Behind in the Polls that included the words:

This is not a contest. It should, and still could be a total blowout.

He is absolutely correct. It is not a contest. It is a (s)election. It is and has been a finely tuned fix since Ron Paul was almost completely shut out of the opening Ratpublican debates.

And it won’t be a blowout. A good fix means carrying the tomato can opponent until the later rounds. I mean…where’s the money in this process? It’s in the story.

The story.

Billions of dollars of advertising money (and even more money made on the products advertised) are involved in the media campaign. And I don’t just mean the candidate vids. The so-called news is the real campaign fixer. The news and of course media that is not exactly “news.”

Case in point? Last night’s Olympic moneyfest. I watched some of it in real appreciation for the vast amount of money that had been spent on what is essentially a total advertisement for the kinder, gentler, more racially inclusive Permanent International Government (hereafter referenced as P.I.G.) for which Barack O’Bomber is a primary frontman.

The 2012 P.I.G.lympics.

Celebrating racial inclusion, sexual inclusion and neo-liberal corporate hustle in subliminal fashion throughout both the production numbers and in the ads. It was endless. My own two favorites? The way overblown paean to Britain’s National Health Service that served the American audience a full helping of sub rosa pro-ObamaCare hype. (No matter whether said plan is “good or “bad”…I am only dealing with politics on the subliminal media level here.) and the seemingly endless story of how two attractive young brownish people found true love in the New Britain.

Geez…they could be O’Bomber’s kids, right? Lookit how thriving and happy they are!! That mus’ be the way to go, Martha. Let’s vote Dumbrocrat!!!

This from a country that experienced massive minority rioting in the nasty slums of its major cities less than a year ago. Cheeky, these Brits!!! Luckily, they have 007, MI5 and MI6 to take care of the real miscreants. James Bond made an appearance right out of the box, pretending to jump out of a helicopter with Queen Elizabeth. The Queen’s a Bond girl now, don’tcha know. Prissy Galore. What rubbish!!!

And Americans are…of course…lapping it up. I mean…it’s on TV!!! What’s not to like!!!???

And the WakeTheFuckUp effort continues.


Wake the fuck up.

You been had once again.


Wake the fuck up.


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