The news is full of the current (s)electoral adventure…he said/she said/they said/we/said/blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. It is also full of the Olympics and all of the other bread, circuses and bullshit used to keep the American people in a permanent state of distraction. But the top of the news over the past year or so has more and more often been about one thing and one thing only.

Crazy White Guy Kills A Bunch Of People!!!

                      News At 11!!!


I am going to assume that the fix works, and that Obama is re-(s)elected. I am beginning to believe…on the mounting evidence of the many recent shootings…that perhaps his biggest domestic problem (bigger than the economy, bigger than immigration, bigger than unemployment, bigger than the official Republican Party) ) is going to be white supremacist violence.

Domestic terrorism, in a word.

The implicit message of the massive media coverage of these shooters? Behind and below the surface of the whole “OH!!! Isn’t it terrible!!!” thing?

Can’t take over from the inside? Got a lot of crazies available with guns? OK, let’s destabilize the system with terror. You’ve got permission, bubbas. Fire at will.

How does a government stop something like that when it’s too late for “gun control” because there are already so many guns out there that they will never, ever be recovered? I dunno. As we have seen in the Islamic resistance systems, committed people who are willing to die for what they believe are a powerful force, and semi-independent action in a digital newsworld is immediately amplified from an isolated crime to a sign of the times.

Violence goes viral, Pt. XXVI.

         News at 11!!!

Big problem.

And what are the possible solutions?


More police?

Armed military actions?

Undercover agents? (Also known as “spies.”)


Welcome to Baghdad West.


These fools are Bin Laden’s Revenge.


And read on.
One “solution” to this problem would be the same solution that the PermaGov and its media used on Ron Paul. Simply do not cover the actions. But of course the media cannot do that. It’s relatively easy to minimize an old man with different ideas but almost impossible to duck a story about some crazy fuck in a suburban theater blasting away with automatic weapons while wearing a Joker costume under his body armor. And the American paranoia factor ramps up another several notches every time this kind of thing happens.

Remember the two asses in a Chevy Impala who almost stopped the entire country back in 2002 by driving around the Washington DC area and randomly shooting people who were getting gas for their cars? It took the local Keystone Kops three weeks to find these two sad losers and during that time…a time of already heightened paranoia because the memory of 9/11 was still fresh…the country damned near froze up in fear. This was accomplished by a man and his young “ward”…a couple of sexually dialed-out incompetents right out of the worst parts of Batman-and-Robin-America’s subconscious…driving around in an old Chevy Caprice with a gun port cut into its trunk and living on Cheetos and Twinkies in cheap motels. I had a conversation at the time with a couple of acquaintances who had been well trained by the U.S. military, and they said that a team of a few good snipers could totally stop this country in its tracks by simply making random raids on public places across the country over a period of only a few weeks. (Note to the PermaGov watchers: They were not advocating this…in fact, one of them was a very good cop…but they were seriously worried about the possibility.)

Well, here we are 10 years later. The well-organized hit squads never materialized..not yet they haven’t, anyway…but the ghosts of Timothy McVeigh and his own helpers have returned to haunt us 17 years after McVeigh ran his own vicious game.

What to do, what to do?

I can only think of one way.

Repent, O ye sinners!!!

Pull the fuck out of the killing game all over the world; tighten your collective belts to take the inevitable economic hit of such a move and refuse to take any more part in the International Murder Derby. Then roll up your sleeves and go to work on your own goddamned country. Let Russia, China and any other economic imperialist hustlers with eyes on the prize learn the hard way.

If that were to happen…and the PermaGov media is quite clearly bound and determined to not let it happen…this escalating domestic terror would fade away like the bad dream that it really is. These fucks have always been with us and they always will be. It’s part of the human genome. Deal with them as you must and move on.

Or…cower in front of your TV sets and blather on about how gun control and more police will solve the problem.

We have met the problem, and it is us.

The only real question now is…whatchoo gonna do about it?






Obama-Hope you don't get detained

I think not.

How many nutcases can you detain?

That’s what’s going to happen, though.

May as well try to herd cats.

Even if you could round up these people…where ya gonna put ’em? In prisons where they can get organized?


Fasten your safety belts, folks. It’s gonna be another rough four years.

Bet on it.



It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

And a vote for Obama ain’t gonna help. It’ll just support the PermaGov’s continuing stranglehold on the American Oyster.


Bet on that as well.

You asked for it; you got it.

The Oyster