Of course we now know a former pilot and drug runner Hank Ascher was the technical brain of the 2000 Voter Purge in Florida. Link between Iran-Contra and DBT/ChoicePoint via Dick Armitage. There was another IT buff who fixed the tabulators and the computer glitch to assure a Bush win in 2004. And for the 2012 Presidential Election, Romney scooped in his millions thanks to Salvadoran families funding his first investments with Bain Capital. Leave it to the Supreme Court to slant the playing field in advance to corporations over the single vote democracy of U.S. citizens. What a great democracy, a shining city on the Hill must be gilded by now.

Intricate link between CIA black operations, drugs runnung, profits, white-washing through tax havens and investment funds. The profits are shared to further domestic campaigns to undermine democratic elections: Jeb Bush – CIA drugs – Hank Asher – Matrix data mining – IT dark rooms – election computer glitches. The safety margin to win an election is upped to 5% margin (a 2.5% shift in votes).

Why Journalist Gary Webb Died

[h/t Arthur Gilroy] Influential Post media critic Howard Kurtz mocked Webb for saying in a book proposal that he would explore the possibility that the contra war was primarily a business to its participants.

“Oliver Stone, check your voice mail,” Kurtz smirked. [Washington Post, Oct. 28, 1996]

Webb’s suspicion was not unfounded, however. Indeed, White House aide Oliver North’s chief contra emissary Rob Owen had made the same point in a March 17, 1986, message about the contra leadership.

    “Few of the so-called leaders of the movement … really care about the boys in the field.

    [Capitalization in the original]

In other words, Webb had been right and Kurtz had been wrong. [Dark Alliance by Gary Webb large pdf file]

    The CIA published the first part of Inspector General Hitz’s findings on Jan. 29, 1998. Despite a largely exculpatory press release, Hitz’s Volume One admitted that not only were many of Webb’s allegations true but that he actually understated the seriousness of the contra-drug crimes and the CIA’s knowledge.

    Hitz acknowledged that cocaine smugglers played a significant early role in the Nicaraguan contra movement and that the CIA intervened to block an image-threatening 1984 federal investigation into a San Francisco-based drug ring with suspected ties to the contras, the so-called “Frogman Case.”

    On May 7, 1998, another disclosure shook the earlier presumptions of the Reagan administration’s innocence. Rep. Maxine Waters, a California Democrat, introduced into the Congressional Record a Feb. 11, 1982, Letter of Understanding between the CIA and the Justice Department.

    The letter, which had been requested by CIA Director William Casey, freed the CIA from legal requirements that it must report drug smuggling by CIA assets, a provision that covered both the Nicaraguan contras and Afghan rebels who were fighting a Soviet-supported regime in Afghanistan and who were implicated in heroin trafficking.

    In Volume Two, published on Oct. 8, 1998, CIA Inspector General Hitz identified more than 50 contras and contra-related entities implicated in the drug trade. He also detailed how the Reagan administration had protected these drug operations and frustrated federal investigations throughout the 1980s.

    According to Hitz’s Volume Two, the CIA knew the criminal nature of its contra clients from the start of the war against Nicaragua’s leftist Sandinista government. The earliest contra force, called ADREN or the 15th of September Legion, had chosen “to stoop to criminal activities in order to feed and clothe their cadre,” according to a June 1981 draft CIA field report. According to a September 1981 cable to CIA headquarters, two ADREN members made the first delivery of drugs to Miami in July 1981.

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