Link to Informed Comment by Juan Cole who reported : In Switch, Egypt’s Civilian President Makes Coup against Generals.

MB reported in early stage suspicion of a Mossad operation. Reminds me of the Reagan years and one of many false flag operations in the Middle-East.

Casey won approval for NSDD-166, a secret directive that inaugurated a new era of direct infusions of advanced U.S. military technology into the Middle East, which was to become the greatest technology transfer of terrorist techniques in history.

By January of 1985, according to the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward in Veil, his book on Casey’s career, he worked out with the Saudis a plan to use a car bomb to eliminate an Israeli recommended ‘liability’. Lebanese agents led by a former British SAS officer and financed by $15 million arranged by Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar, were activated.

According to Woodward, Casey told his staff: “I’m going to solve the big problem by essentially getting tougher than or as tough as the terrorists in using their weapon, the car bomb.”

With its new authority, the CIA set up ‘counterterrorism units’ similar to those Bush authorized in 2007. Casey quickly funded the “Foreign Work and Analysis Unit” (FWAU) inside Lebanon which had the assassination of Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah as its first priority. Others targeted for death were Lebanese former Prime Minister Salim al-Hoss, Imad Mughniyeh and Walid Jumblatt, then supporting the PLO. The FWAU conducted a car bombing campaign in Muslim areas of Beirut and targeted the Cinema Salwa, Beirut’s Raouche Market, Sabra Street, the Abu Nawwas restaurant, and the Druze Social Centre, among others, killing at least 280 civilians and wounding nearly 1,150. This mayhem was designed to ignite further internal strife and to send the Lebanese Resistance a message and offer: ‘Support a new May 17 agreement with Israel and we can help you.’ When this ‘offer’ was unanswered, and on the Mossad’s recommendation to Casey, Fadlallah was targeted on March 8, 1985.

    Perhaps President Bush and VP Cheney had the assassination squads activated two years earlier. I have many doubts about the truth behind the Beirut bombing that killed Sunni politician Hariri. Certain evidence obtained through mobile phone records linked Hezbollah. Later Lebanon uncoverded a major Mossad spy ring who had infiltrated the mobile telecom networks in Lebanon. Recently the death of Yasser Arafat has been investigated with strong leads to an assassination through polonium poisoning.

    Letters from Lebanon – Rafik Hariri and the Salvador Option in Beirut [written in 2007]

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