A fan was shot in the face outside the University of Phoenix Stadium before the preseason game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Oakland Raiders.

A 30-year-old man was shot in the face during an altercation in a parking lot near University of Phoenix Stadium Friday night while the Arizona Cardinals took on the Oakland Raiders.

Glendale police say the incident occurred around 9:30 in the ‘purple’ parking lot near the Hampton Inn.

The shooter claimed it was just an accident. Stuff happens, you know.

Still, I guess we can only blame Arizona’s highly restrictive gun laws — oh wait, they have some of the most lax regulation of firearms in the country. My bad.

Still, clearly the solution to this problem is more people with more guns at sporting events, bars, restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls, churches, and other places large crowds of liquored up people congregate. If the man who was shot at the Cardinals-Raiders game, or his friends, had been carrying this all might have been prevented. Not that I know he and his friends weren’t carrying mind you, but since no one returned fire one must assume they are all panty waists and too cowardly to exercise their second amendment rights by bringing their guns to an American football game.

In fact, maybe the NFL could have a gun promotion day where all ticket buying fans would be given a free handgun and a box of ammo as they enter the stadium. I’d be willing to bet Smith and Wesson, Colt, GLOCK and Beretta would be only too happy to co-sponsor such an event. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

After all, we can’t continue to have these shooting incidents at football games. As I see it, some drunk loudmouth at a tailgate party carrying a concealed .38 will think twice before shooting me or my rowdy friends in the face if he sees my trusty .357 Sig in its holster by my side. Don’t you agree?

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