Dana Loesch seems to be the only person in America who has Rep. Todd Akin’s back on this whole legitimate rape dustup. I suppose that’s a good thing. Even Michelle Malkin is unwilling to defend Akin’s comments in any way. And it appears the GOP is doing its best to persuade Rep. Akin to withdraw from the race. Funny that they didn’t ask George Allen to withdraw after his ‘Macaca’ comment or Sharron Angle after her “Second Amendment solutions” comment or Ken Buck after his “vote for me cuz I don’t wear hi-heels comment.” Somehow, this particular stupid set of remarks has crossed a line those previous statements did not. At least we now know there is a line with these folks. On the other hand, I’d very much like Rep. Akin to stay in the race. I think he’s probably beatable at this point, and we can’t lose too many Senate seats. With six-year terms, every Senate seat is very important. So, I hope Akin soldiers on. I don’t need to see John Ashcroft back in the U.S. Senate.

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