National Guard are on duty in Tampa at the RNC, probably called in for hurricane emergency.

“Cops are surrounding protesters” at Gaslight Square

( – As protesters prepare for the upcoming RNC, the city of Tampa must find the balance between security, First Amendment rights and safety.

How Far Can We Push Our Freedom?

Isaac Upsets Plans for GOP Lobbyists, Wealthy Donors

TAMPA FL. (ABC News) – The potential for fierce wind and rain threatened to shut down a number of lavish outdoor events, including a golf tournament whose influential guests were scheduled to include House Speaker John Boehner, a nighttime performance of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and a series of Senate fundraisers on a yacht called the Starship II.

Top party insiders had been scheduled to converge on Tampa for the Republican National Convention today, and SuperPACs and advocacy groups were provided the keys to many of the week’s most exclusive gatherings – allowing the wealthiest donors special access to the party’s top political leaders.

… the convention set to resume Tuesday, the selling of access – a transaction often carefully shrouded in Washington, DC – looked to still be ready for a full display in Tampa. A group of moderate conservatives called the American Action Network advertised the chance to mingle with members of Congress and senior staff at an arena skybox overlooking the convention floor for $30,000. Full access to the group’s intimate luncheons and hot ticket concerts were open to their biggest supporters – those who gave $250,000.

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