I’m not saying I believe God sent Hurricane Isaac to torment the Republican Party for the sin of putting the former head of the International Arabian Horse Association in charge of FEMA when News Orleans drowned during Hurricane Katrina seven years ago.

I’m just saying that if you believe in God, and if you believe that God orchestrates weather patterns to punish particular peoples for their sins, then you might reasonably take Isaac and his older brother Gustav as signs that God still is displeased by Her children in the Republican Party:

“I promised Noah I would never again flood the entire world,” said the Creator of Heaven and Earth. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t send a hurricane wherever that Limb of Satan called the Republican Party plans to meet. I did it four years ago, and hoped they’d get the message. But their hearts are harder than Pharaoh’s, so now I’m spelling it out for them. And if water doesn’t work, there’s always fire: ask the Men of Sodom what happens to those who oppress the stranger and the poor.”

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