Do I even need to go into how much the recent attacks on women have triggered me and mine?  Do I even need to explain how much fury I try to keep at bay so I can go to work, make dinner and …. fall asleep.

This is not really a diary but a post to author Meteor Blades in one of his diaries about the insane, terrorist attacks and asinine stupid shit coming out of the GOP’s mouths.  

Let me be crystal fucking clear on one thing:  Todd Akins did not cross any line, he’s toeing the damn party line.  

We are at war.  Fighting for our very right not to be raped.  Not to be dragged back to the dark ages. Forced to undergo unmentionable torture and pain because angry white men feel they have the final say over your own life, decisions and your body.

These are not your Daddy’s Republicans from the good ole boy days.  

These are Rapepublicans.  Here’s how they work.
Say something stupid. When your stupidity is pointed out, cry that you are being attacked.  

Denounce science and the environment. Shriek about your magical connection to the Masters of the Universe and the ability to harness hurricanes, quakes and floods as a political compass.  

Accuse innocent people of terrible things that you yourself are actually doing.  

Treat women, minorities and others as lesser than while whining that white, angry men are victims.

Claim you are pro-life all the while you whip up the morans to go kill doctors.  

Fight for the rights of the unborn while you tell pre-schoolers to fuck off.

Wear yellow ribbons and fly flimsy EWW ESS AYYY flags made in China and call yourself a “Real American Patriot”.  

Insuring your car is being responsible but seeing to it that all people have health insurance is a sure fucking sign of the apocalypse.

Bringing guns and rifles to anti-health care rallies, some of which were on school properties and other public places is just fine and dandy, while people protesting war, drones, torture and Wall Street should be beaten, tased, and have cannisters shot directly at their head.  And people wearing t-shirts should be rounded up and arrested.

Do as I say and not as I do.  

Bawl your eyes out that gay marriage is ruining this country, while you cheat on your 5th wife with some child of the street in a dirty rest stop bathroom.

Announce to the world that there’s different types of rape and that women have super ninjas in their lady parts capable of killing off any nasty man sperm.  But that most women really want it and that Rapepublican men should preside over all women’s thoughts, decisions and lives.

Assert that racism is a part of one’s heritage.  Like cockfighting, dog fighting, beating your wife and kids.

Act offended because people are offended by your shit.

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