There are at least two encouraging conclusions I reach after watching the Obama campaign’s new web video about Paul Ryan:


  1. They’ve still got a sense of humor.  That’s important because having a sense of humor indicates that one has a sense of perspective—about oneself, about the world, about the campaign.  Humorless political campaigns (and campaign staff) are generally bad political campaigns, and they frequently end up hurting their own candidate more than the opponent.

  3. They’ve been thinking a lot about how to use their new “Forward.” slogan. This entire video—script, sound, video and editing—is about Paul Ryan (and his big daddy running mate, Mitt Romney) wanting to take America backward.  It never mentions Pres. Obama.  It never mentions the “Forward.” slogan.  But “Forward.” is hanging there in the air, like the ending to “shave and a haircut…”.

Is there still time to increase my stake on the content of Joe Biden’s speech next week?

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