Here are two headlines from today’s Think Progress that ought to crack you up: Paul Ryan: I Didn’t Vote For The Defense Cuts I Voted For and Romney Says His Plan To Cut Taxes On The Rich Doesn’t Actually Cut Taxes On The Rich. If you bother investigating, you’ll discover some of the most egregious lying you are ever likely to see from any national candidates in your lifetime. You certainly have never seen anything like it so far in your life, and I don’t care how old you are. Even if you remember the Hoover Administration, you have never seen two candidates for the White House lie like this. It has never happened before. I can’t say it is likely to happen again in the next 225 years, either.

It’s hard to say that one lie is bigger than the other, since both lies are big enough to blot out sunlight for a century or more. Mitt Romney actually said that his tax plan is revenue neutral for rich people but will help the middle class, which is the complete opposite of the truth. Paul Ryan simply lied about what he voted for and talked a bunch of meaningless gibberish.

These men aren’t fit to serve in the White House. They aren’t even fit to run for office. They aren’t even fit to be interviewed on television. They should be thrown off every set they appear on for their audacious lack of respect for the truth, the voter, and the country.

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