It would be hard to exaggerate Assrocket’s stupidity. If he believes anything he’s saying, he’s an idiot. I wonder whether his readers will punish him for being such a bad prognosticator, or not. Anyone who has predicted that not only would Mitt Romney win this election, but win it in convincing fashion, obviously cannot even figure out how to use an Electoral College calculator. Assrocket should know that the Democrats have a solid 247 Electoral College base. And if the Dems don’t totally screw things up, they probably will enter the 2016 cycle with a solid base in excess of the 270 Electoral College majority required to win.

It is possible for Mitt Romney to win, but not by more than 291 votes, and that is not a decisive margin. You can look back at 2004 and see that as pretty much the best the modern Republican Party can do. In other words, the Republicans can win the White House, but only by the narrowest margins. The last time they won a decisive presidential election was 1988, and the demographics of the country have changed dramatically since then. By 2024, Texas will be a swing state and Florida will be solidly blue. The GOP must get away from branding themselves as the party for white, conservative Christians. And, no, nominating a Mormon isn’t fooling anyone.

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